Hybrid energy

Reduce costs. Improve power quality & reliability. Reduce carbon emissions.

Low cost renewable energy is competitive with traditional fossil fuels in many off-grid (e.g. agricultural, industrial, desalination etc.) and mining applications globally.

juwi developed a 10.6MW Solar PV battery hybrid system to fully integrate with an existing 23MW diesel-fired power station at the DeGrussa Mine in Western Australia.  This premium high grade copper mine is owned and operated by Sandfire Resources NL.  juwi's innovative hybrid system saves around 12 thousand tonnes of CO2 and 5 million litres of diesel for the mine each year.

juwi’s award winning project at Degrussa is the world’s largest off-grid solar hybrid project at a mine and has been successfully operational for more than a year. 

Hybrid solar PV / wind + diesel + storage offers:

  • Quality power supply
  • Security of supply
  • Cost savings
  • Reduced carbon footprint


Amiram Roth-Deblon

Head of Global Business Initiatives



“For me as the electrical superintendent of Sandfire DeGrussa, reliability of power supply is of paramount importance for the success of our mining operations. Now after more than 1 year of operation I can confirm that the hybrid system is running smoothly, delivers substantial diesel savings and the power quality and reliability are as good or better than before.”

Peter Gordon
Electrical Superintendent, Sandfire Resources

“The project has already attracted a significant amount of interest from within the mining industry in Australia with Sandfire receiving inquiries from several of our peers interested in adopting this technology at their mine sites.”

Karl Simich
CEO, Sandfire Resources

Project Background "DeGrussa Copper Mine"


Diesel Generators (MW)


Solar Panels (MW)


Battery (MWh)


Solar production (GWh p.a.)


Diesel savings (million litres p.a.)


CO2 savings (tonnes p.a.)

“This is a clear example of renewables providing substantial, reliable results for one of Australia’s largest industries.”

Ivor Frischknecht
CEO, Australian Renewable Energy Agency
DeGrussa Hybrid Project


DeGrussa Hybrid Project

Sharing the knowledge gained from the project with industry representatives

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